Why Avail® Move Management

Unsurpassed experience with the realities of transportation. Data management capabilities that are second to none.

The more you move, the more you can benefit

The need for move management became obvious to us just around the turn of the century. The more frequent moves became for repeat customers, the more obvious it was that all of us, the customer and the suppliers, could benefit from a managed approach that brought continuity across the process. It followed, quickly, that data was required to measure the results. The concept for Avail Move Management was born. We built systems right away that allowed us to collect and manage the data we would need to make decisions and measure results.

It takes experience and the command of data

Being a good move manager requires knowing what customers demand, and it means knowing the realities of transportation –— what can be done, how fast, and for what cost. Importantly, it requires knowing what can go wrong. In addition, a company can’t manage moves without having the data to choose the right suppliers and continuously measure the results.

The bottom line: better service and better budget control

Transportation companies and moving companies are service minded. Yet, they are independent and have different ways of getting their jobs done. And every customer has a unique set of transportation or relocation demands. Bringing service offerings and customer demands together to create the most value for all parties doesn’t happen by chance. It requires management.

Avail® manages moves from the experienced perspective of more than a million moves. Our proprietary data capabilities have evolved since we began. Today, the bottom line is that you can achieve the improved service levels you want while finding the budget control you need.

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